A life-long resident of Dallas, TX. Geoff comes from a family of artists. His work is heavily influenced by his love of music, art, and sports. Geoff’s years of experience as a professional artist, illustrator, videographer and graphic designer, combined with his talents in branding and typography have given him a unique perspective and versatile skill set. His signature style blends elements of lettering, color into a genre-bending, hybrid artform. A few of his more notable projects would be the Borderlands video game series, multiple album covers for award winning musicians, and the iconic Dallas Mavericks Skyline jersey. His work has been seen in movies, posters, commercials, concerts and video games. Geoff has recently expanded his body of work to include the newest digital artforms such as cinemagraphs, LED holograms and projection mapping. Currently he runs his studio out of Dallas, TX.

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